At last!
From Anonymous of Los Angeles, California on 1/5/2017.

We have longed to get something like cavi-art!

taste and size
From stephen roberts of Friendswood, Texas on 12/7/2016.

I'm a former professional chef, vegan now for 12 months. This is incredibly excellent, and has passed several blind tests involving non-vegan friends. Real caviar after processing, is briny and tastes of the sea. Yes, jars are small, but have you checked out the jar sizes of real caviar, along with the prices?

From Anonymous of Boston, Massachusetts on 10/25/2016.

Purchased the black and orange last year for thanksgiving with my family as appetizers. Everyone (vegans and non-vegans) loved them both with potatoes and sour cream and a vegan "egg" salad on pumpernickel toast. Would definitely buy again.

We adore it!!!!
From Leeza of New York, New York on 9/5/2016.

We like black best, however we love all of the Cavi-Arts. Try some on your baked potato with dollops of tofu or cashew sour cream which is sold packaged, or you can make your own from online recipes. Served on crackers with a spritz of lemon and shaved onion Cavi-Art is fabulous. Love, love, love!

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