For three days in July, thousands of industry insiders, buyers, distributors, food professionals, and members of the food press came together for a three-day orgy of tasting, talking, deal-making, and trend spotting in Washington, D.C.'s cavernous convention center. And there was an overwhelming number of things to see and taste: 2,400 exhibitors from eighty countries brought 180,000-odd products for us greedy conventioneers to sample.

Booze-infused foods, flavored popcorns, Japanese-inspired snacks, cherries, and do-it-yourself food kits have already been declared by as the top trends of the show by so-called trend spotters, though only the marketplace will ultimately bear out the truth of these sweeping pronouncements. Certainly healthy snack foods were ubiquitous, and judging by many of the exhibits, the entire world has gone gluten-free. While I didn't see or taste every single thing—I don't see how it's humanly possible—and I don't pretend to be a trend spotter by trade, I did detect some notable patterns and discover a few delicious new favorites at this year's show.