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Tartex Vegan Pate
Seaweed Based Cavi-art has Endless Applications
100% Natural Vegan Pasta Ready Meals
Vegan Cheese made from Germinated Brown Rice
  • Unique, exciting and tasty plant based foods

  • We at Plant Based Foods offer a line of plant based New Generation foods to a growing number of health conscious consumers. Our products are handpicked from family companies in Europe that specialize in innovative, delicious and sustainable products. Our Plant Based Foods products will always promote fair trade.

  • Cavi-art

    Vegan and sustainable Danish delicacies with
    endless applications

  • Tartex

    Delicious all-natural organic spreads from Europe’s leading vegetarian brand

  • Mozzarisella

    MozzaRisella is a tasty vegan cheese made from germinated whole brown rice made without milk or lactose.

  • Tiberino

    Traditional ready meals from Southern Italy made out of fresh natural ingredients

  • You can have Plant Based Foods in your menu!

    Why is our product different from any other? These are some of the reasons:

    • Delicious gourmet food

    • Great variety

    • Sustainable products

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